Technical profile

The samples pictures that you have just seen or are about to see, have all been shot in 35 mm. format on slide, color negative, black & white or black & white C41 processed, films.

The cameras used for shooting are:

SLR: Canon A1, T90
Rangefinder: Contax G2, G1

The lenses used are:

SLR: 20 mm f: 2.8 ~ 300 f: 5.6
Rangefinder: 16 mm f: 8 ~ 90 mm f: 2.8

The outdoor pictures have been shot without filters except UV.

Maurizio DEL SANTO has also used medium format cameras like Zenza Bronica SQ-B whit lenses 80 mm f: 2.8 and 150 mm. f: 4.

The films are processed by "COPYRIGHT S.r.l." Naples

Chris "Barone" and "La Violetta" have realised the make up in the pictures of the series "Moda" and "Venere".

The images are scanned at 2700 dpi resolution and are available on CD support in files between 4 and 60 Mb in the most common formats.

The images are also available on transparencies or prints (cibachrome and ink jet).

The digital imaging doesn't imply elaboration different from what is obtainable in an ordinary dark room.

For any further information please contact La Sezione Aurea Fotografia.

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